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Na bijna 5 jaar met heel veel plezier te hebben samengewerkt met Irene Willemse en haar iDOUBLEYOU zeggen Isis en Irene elkaar nu gedag. 

Tijd voor een nieuwe episode.

Nina Babutzidse is sinds begin dit jaar Isis' nieuwe dj agent en als je haar wilt boeken kan dat dus vanaf nu via ADBookings!

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Not a podcast but an Offcast: a side of you some of us might not know. How would you describe your Offcast?

The initial idea was to make a slow tempo psychedelic tribal mix, but I found it was a bit too much ‘dance’, so I decided to make it more ‘chill-out’ including a lot of listening music. The name of this Offcast is Samhain (pronounced as Sawen). This is one of the eight Celtic celebrations of the year in which we honor the end of the summer. We look back at the previous period, honour the dead, take leave of all that we no longer want to carry with us and with that we create room for something new. So everything you hear in this Offcast is in line with the spirit of this time of the year. I think it’s important to know our culture and roots in order to know where we are heading too.

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