Expect more special shows by Isis this year such as live performances with 'Isis & Mozes', Ecstatic Dance sessions & meditative reclining concerts.

Dj Isis

For nearly 30 years Isis van der Wel, also known as Dj (100%) Isis, has been professionally active in music. In the '90 she's gained (inter)national recognition in the Dutch and European dance scene as a dj. Ever since she has been traveling the world as such. The past 10 years Isis has been focussing more and more on the healing effects of music. On one hand by examining the works of ceremony and on the other hand by experimenting with alternative music experiences such as Ecstatic Dance sessions and reclining meditative listening concerts. During the exhibition 'The Life of Buddha' in the Nieuwe Kerk in 2018, her reclining concert was part of a prize winning program during the annual Amsterdam Museumnight.

Reclining Meditative Concert

During these sessions the foremost purpose is to achieve a relaxed state of body and mind. By lying down on, for instance, a yoga mat with a blanket and/or pillow with our eyes closed, we create the possibility to comfortably float on the waves of sound. Next to achieving a stage of physical and mental relaxation these sessions are of benefit as a source of deeper inspiration, insight and sense of wellbeing.

For booking inquiries please contact jasha@theexperienceenhancers.com